Do you ever struggle with a reoccurring problem even though you have confessed it and “dealt” with it?

When I think of King Saul we find out he had the same problem of reoccurring anger in his life.

King Saul wanted to kill David several times even though David was innocent. When David confronted King Saul with the truth, King Saul fell in a heap of repentance and vowed to never wanting to kill David again. Yet… he somehow could not keep that commitment.

I myself had a deep anger issue up until I was about 42 to the point I could not trust myself not to do a horrible thing to my kids or dog. One day after I badly hurt the dog I would lay on the floor with weeping repentance asking God to forgive me. I was fine for about 3 days and that rage would stick up its ugly head again and again. What was that all about anyway?

Finally after tucking at Jesus’ coat tail over and over He showed me the freeing truth. Through a process of teachings I learned that there are deep roots of sin in us we need to lay bare, so Jesus can lay the ax to the root and cut that thing off from its existence. In my case, the stronghold of anger had taken ahold of me when I was young and abused: I had to forgive the ones that had wounded me so deeply. When I genuinely let go of the injustice I had the right to tell that root of anger to leave me forever… and it did. Now that I am 76 I still am free. How cool is that?

In the case of King Saul, it could have started with his jealousy in his heart for how God blessed David and seemingly not him. The result evolved into a raging jealousy toward David as the people gave David a greater praise than King Saul thought he should have.

People often struggle with lust which can be caused by many influences such as pornography, sexual abuse or promiscuity. Whatever the root cause of this sin…God is so much bigger than the issue and is more eager to forgive you than you are to confess and let Him have it.

You do not have to struggle over and over again with the same issue. The past is only the past when it is dealt with and under the blood of Jesus.

Ask God where the deep root is and He will amazingly free you from the very attachment of the issue.

I do believe that when there is a repeating sin issue God wants to use His ax on that root and destroy it, so you will not have to live with this any longer.

Below we have a thistle weed grow amongst the wheat. The thistle eventually wants to take over and choke the life of the wheat. Only by pulling the weed by its root will the wheat be free to grow.



I hear Jesus say: “My desire for you is to let Me set you free from entanglements that are choking you. I want to give you Life, so you will not constantly have to cover up your mistakes and failures. I paid for those so you would not have to.”