Can people feel God’s presence as they walk through your front door?

Job from the Bible said that the friendship of God was felt in his home (Job29:4).

One day someone entered my front door and said, “I can feel God’s presence here.” Of course, I was thrilled to think that a person could actually know that God lived in our house.

Of course, the opposite is true, also. When people are at “odds” with each other and there is friction, there cannot be peace and blessing. The problem with unresolved issues is that they get buried and start festering. Not only that, but the hardest thing on children is when they are brought up in an atmosphere of strife. Children are like young plants. When they are brought up where there is disharmony it can affect them for the rest of their lives, and they may never be healthy “plants” that can thrive in difficult circumstances, for they are not loved unselfishly.

At the age of 28, I married a very handsome soldier. When I first met his parents I thought they were the biggest fakes. “There is no way that people can live this peacefully and be so happy,” I thought.

So, when Dave and I got married I cried myself to sleep almost every night thinking, “This cannot last–we are just too peaceful.” I soon found out that this was for real. Oh my goodness, how blessed I was!

Throughout the 48 years of marriage I have had to go through some deep valleys as a result of my extremely unhappy childhood of strife, anxiety and sin in the home.

If there is any friction in your midst of where you are as a result of the past, God wants to step into that pain and heal it. Most of the time it is the result of deep-rooted unforgiveness lingering in the depths of our souls. God wants to come into those places. Our part is to forgive and let it go, knowing that He is the Judge…not we.

God wants to have your home be a place of comfort. A place where people feel protected and safe, a place where you have the freedom to be yourself.

At this time, you may feel like you have been cut to pieces and very little life is left in you to survive and live. You feel like there is no hope left for you to ever be happy again.

But…I hear Jesus say, “I am your place of safety and comfort. I still am the God Who loves families and I desire to dwell in the midst of you. Let Me be your Husband, your Maker. I am still able to restore, refinish and repair. I love you and all that is yours.”


God has made you like the tree pictured below that has been cut down and seems to be of no use. He has developed a new fresh shoot to form a bigger and larger tree to shelter the ones who need protection in the future. You are that new growth to be developed by Him.

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