Do you have Jesus as your favorite guest at your house?

And when people walk into your home do they feel Him as well?

One time I walked into a person’s home I had never been before. As I walked in I felt this strange and eerie sensation and asked the host if someone had recently died there. His response was, “Yes, my wife died here a couple of days ago. One could almost cut the air with the grief that was there.

When Jesus walked into Zacheus’ home he immediately responded that he would from now on give half of his income to the poor. On top of that, that if he discovered he had cheated someone he would return the damage four times as much. Image… Just the presence of Jesus did that. Jesus’ response was that He was searching for people with such a heart.

How about your home? Do you feel His presence resounding in the walls?

One day one of my former neighbor walked into my house and reacted with, “God is in this home.” It thrilled me.

I was born into a home where there was constant strife between my parents. Do we as parents even begin to understand what kind of affect this has on our children? It causes kids to become fearful and insecure, developing life-damaging mindsets.

In the book of James we read, “Where there is strife there is every evil work.” (James 3:16) We as parents do not realize how strife affects our children and can damage them deep within the belly of their emotions… for life. Even if we do not say anything, the kids still pick up on the very atmosphere of ill feelings between the parents.

Sometimes just a word fitly spoken can defuse an upcoming fire of arguments; yet on the other hand just that look we give could be enough to set a forest fire of strife aflame.

I find that when I mentally step into the Holy Spirit the peace seems to come my direction, and pretty soon I am on my way of being a peace-maker instead of stirring up stuff that is so damaging to my home and the kingdom.

Sometimes strife just becomes a habit and we get comfortable with it like a pair of old shoes. We go back again to the old shoe of the familiar.

Let’s step into some new shoes and walk a different pathway and repent of our own and our parents’ selfish ways of wanting to be right and wanting to have the last word.

do not be comfortable in your old ways

“Lord, I am so sorry for my sharp tongue and wanting to speak the truth my way and not being on the side of Your love. I know that when I do this I will not experience Your freedom, but will stay in bondage. I forgive my parents for living in deception by walking in strife. I put the cross between my parents and me and tell all strife of any kind to go, so I can walk in peace and healing.”

I hear Jesus say, “You have been set free from the familiarity of strife and harsh words. I speak My tender words of love and comfort to you and will cause you to sow seeds of peace and healing to a world that is bound up with strife, wars and disunity. I have made you to be a pure fire with righteous words of comfort and healing and will make your home a place of comfort.”