Did you know that all of your enemies have already been defeated?

The Lord said to Joshua, “The king of Jericho and all of its mighty warriors have already been defeated. I have given them to you.” Joshua 6:2

Do we always have to go into prayer and fasting in order for our enemy to be defeated while God says, “They already are defeated”?

During another battle God even said to Joshua, “I have given them for you to destroy. Not a single one of them will be able to stand up to you.”

Yes… Joshua had to go after his enemies and struggle through the intense battle to slaughter them, but he knew in his heart that he had already conquered them. Consequently, he did not sit on his duff, but went after them day and night. The Lord threw the enemies into a panic and He made it possible for Joshua to accomplish his task.  The Lord also came to Joshua’s rescue by killing the enemy by hailstones so that more were killed by the hailstones than by the sword.

The Lord also caused the sun to stand still for almost 24 hours at Joshua’s command. Joshua 10:14: “There had never been such a day before, since when the Lord stopped the sun and the moon–all because of the prayer of one man.”

So… what does this all mean to us?

We need to know that the Lord speaks to us and instructs us that the enemy is His problem–not ours. Our job is to obey how He instructs us to defeat the enemy. Sometimes it is to take great authority to command “the sun and the moon to stand still” in prayer. Sometimes just to hide behind Him as He does the warfare by sending “large hailstones.” At other times it is just to wait till the storm is over.

But whatever place we find ourselves in we need to be sure we let the Holy Spirit do the warfare through us as we listen to His instruction, for the battle is “already won.” We already have our boots on to step on the enemy’s head. See the picture below.

art 005


I hear Jesus say, “I have already equipped you for war and the enemy has even now lost his battle. Do not fear or be anxious, for I have called you into battle. Know that Satan was defeated on the cross by Me, so you would not have to do it alone. Step into My armor and you will be protected by My sword of love.”