Did you know that the walls and the interior of your home reflect who you are?

I once walked into an estate sale to see if I could get some great bargains– my favorite thing to do.

The moment I entered the home I felt a great sadness, as if someone had passed away. I asked if some tragedy had recently taken place.  Sure enough, the mother of the home had died.

When one of my neighbors entered our home some time ago her instant response was, “I can feel God in this home.”

On another occasion in my youth a lady walked into our home and said she felt a lot of strife in the house, except when she walked into my mother’s room and declared that she felt much prayer in the room.

How can that be? Does a home have that much influence on people who just walk in? And is this Scriptural? The answer is a big “Yes” to both questions.

The Bible talks about homes of people who have shamed God’s name and lived wasteful lives to please their own whims. Habakkuk 2:11 says, “The very stones in the walls of your homes cry out against you, and the beams in the ceilings echo what they say.” I don’t know how that all works, but it does.

If God can cause the trees to clap their hands in praise and the mountains to fall into the sea, then God can make our home a place of worship where the walls will testify that “God is in this place.”

My challenge to you is that you make the abode where you live (humble though it may be) a place of peace and worship. You want the walls, the beams in the ceiling to testify that your home is a delight to enter and a place of healing for others.

God wants to make your home a place of safety, refuge and a lighthouse to shine His love to people and nations around you. You can certainly ask Him to impart that to you as a gift to the world.



I hear Jesus say, “Your house is My house to live and abide in. I am making you a perfect housekeeper who can give away My love abundantly and freely. Do not allow the enemy to divide you, for your house cannot stand in division, but in My unity. ”