Do you know that God wants to open your mind that you may understand His Word?

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I read the Word it absolutely makes no sense. It almost feels like I am reading “gobbledy goop.” I may as well read a foreign language. Why is that? For one thing, Satan does not want us to “get it” when God tries to speak to us through His Word (certainly Eve did not “get” what God had told her). This arch-enemy wants to snatch away what the Spirit is trying to sow in our hearts.

At other times we get really excited about what we read and we feel like we have found a precious treasure only to find that at the end of the day, poof! The whole idea that God spoke to us is gone. How frustrating!

The two men walking back to their home in Emmaus after they had witnessed the crucifixion met up with the risen Lord, but had no clue what Jesus was saying or Who He was. What stood in their way?

The things that they had to deal with swarmed their minds and they never realized it was the Lord who spoke to them. Until… Jesus opened their minds to understand. That is the key, my friends. As we read His Word let us ask God to open up our minds so we can grasp what He is saying to us. It is His Spirit that quickens things to us all the time. Stuff we may have read for umpteen years can be meaningless.. until the Spirit opens our understanding.

One word from the Master’s heart can crumble us or can revive us for days, weeks or months.

So, the next time you read His Word ask Him to open your mind to receive wonders from Him through what you read. This may transform, heal and restore big portions of your life. It may free you from your cage of bondage as the Spirit reveals truth and you become free to fly.

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I hear Jesus say, “The way has been made clear for you to receive My words freely into your heart. I paid the price for your freedom and restoration. My offer is on the table for you to have a clear understanding of what I intend to show you through My Word. Just receive My understanding into your heart and mind. Receive, receive.”