Did you know that Christians can be compared to the roots of a tree?

“For if the roots of a tree are holy, the branches will be, too.” Romans 11:16

In the Bible it often talks about trees representing humans and THE tree of life is Jesus Himself.

I know that my roots have been anything but holy for at least forty some years. When I was in my forties the Lord began to reveal the dark foundational roots in my life. Consequently, the “leaves and the fruit” of my tree were withered and dark. Religious and doing the work of God? Oh yes, fiercely so, but the fruit was sparse. The fruit mostly was because I stood on the Word and His Word does not return empty. I was a “soulish” Christian and did not even know it. And that is scary. My branches were not freshly green with new life sprouting on a daily basis. There was no true joy, and certainly no rest. My roots were damaged.

Once Jesus came and renewed my childhood and youth, my roots began to change, deepen, and become healthy.

Today, I am sharing God’s rich nourishment that comes from His olive tree roots.

He keeps the grounds around this olive tree fully intact with clean roots, because He loves the branches that have been grafted into Him (His followers). He is hard on those who disobey and cuts away those things that displease Him, but very good to those who love and trust Him.

For those who are just religious and do not intimately know what He is all about, you may not be truly grafted into Him. He wants you to be part of His olive tree. He desires that you become a strong tree yourself, bearing much fruit for His Kingdom.

It all is so very simple folks…Just come to the end of yourself and admit that you cannot do this life on your own. Accept the fact that He wants to live His life through you, because He deeply loves you. It is all about Him loving you and wanting to reveal Himself to you.

Your tree will become His trophy, digging into the treasures of His blessings all the days of your life.



I hear Jesus say, “I have planned it all along the way that you should be Mine. Do not rely on the way you were raised or taught. Let me teach you the love I have for you. I have engraved you on My hand. You are My possession and I want to abundantly make you aware that I have bought you with My lifeblood forever and ever.”