Why was Jesus called “the Lamb of God” and not the “Sheep of God”?

After all… a sheep is more mature, perfect and knows more than a lamb. I would think a pure and flawless sheep would be more perfect than a lamb. Wrong!

Children are called lambs.

Jesus urged everyone to become like a child in order to inherent the Kingdom of God. He loved and defended children to the point of proclaiming that they belonged to Him. No one dare touch these little ones, for He would drown the guilty one by tying a millstone around their neck and throwing them into a pool of water. That was His attitude, not mine.

He humbled Himself and became like a child, a “Lamb of God.” We all know that children are humble, innocent, have faith and are helpless and dependent upon their parents.

There is one thing Jesus could not do while He was becoming the helpless, humble and pure “Lamb of God.” He could not depend on the help of His Father, the Great Shepherd, to make His journey to the cross easier. In fact, the Great Shepherd turned His back on Him as He laid the sin of the world on the Lamb’s body.

Next time you see a lamb, think of the Great Creator who created the lamb and became a Lamb for us. Not a full-grown adult sheep, but lowered Himself to become an innocent victim fulfilling the milk and meat of the Word by death through the most cruel execution ever recorded in history.



I hear Jesus say, “My desire is for you to walk in My footsteps for I am meek and lowly. I became the Lamb of God by giving all I had for the world I love. You do the same, for I will enable you to do so.”