Did you know that Jesus Himself did not want to go to the cross?

In the garden of Gethsemane Jesus knew what was awaiting Him, therefore He shared His agony with His disciples and said: “My soul is crushed by sorrow to the point of death.” They just blew Him off and went to sleep while their master was deeply grieving for what was about to happen. Mark 14:33-36

In the garden Jesus turned to His Father and asked Him to take away the upcoming cup He was about to drink to the last drop.

Here comes the clincher… the Father did not take away the cup, but let Jesus drink it all by Himself, for it was the Father’s will that Jesus faced death and hell by Himself.

Any of you who have children would rather suffer yourself than have your child go through agony and torment, right? How do you think the Father felt when He saw His only Beloved go through the dregs of hell for a people that did not even care, know Him and even hated His very Shadow. God Himself transferred the iniquity and sin of the world on to his Son, because God’s hands were tied by love for us.

The Father’s love for us is beyond words. He could have snuffed out the very life of anyone coming against His Son, but he did not.

God the Father did not spare His Son, but offered Him up on the altar of sacrifice so we could know the Father’s love for ourselves.

For many years of my life I was blinded to the Father’s love. Jesus was my best friend, but who in the world was Father-God? I had no clue. Many people still do not have a clue, until they encounter the fact that they have never experienced their earthly father’s love. How can they then understand God’s love? It is almost impossible. However… there is a way friend. We need to let our earthly fathers “of the hook” and set them free from trespassing against us, for they themselves were blinded in sin.

Once I began to forgive my dad over and over again, the love of the Father became easy to receive on a daily basis. His love is deeper than we can begin to comprehend for God sooooo  loves and keeps on loving, like refreshing rivers running through you.  Now… you yourself can love the unlovely like your Forefather God.

It was the Father’s will that Jesus did what He did for us.

His Holy Spirit resurrection Power now runs through your veins and you can love like the Father loves; give all you have to a lost and dying world.

The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is yours now by acceptance of Jesus who paid the price of your freedom. Do not stay caged  in your place of bondage, for God has given you the freedom by opening the door to be free; just fly away from your sin: He paid the price for you. Accept His Love for you so you can become His witness.


I hear Jesus say, ” My Father made a way for you to be free from guilt and bondage. It is because of the Father’s love that He gave all He had: the life of His Son. Are you willing to give all you have to Me?