Did you know that obedience can come with astonishing discomfort and humility?

King Asa was careful to destroy all the evil around him. He destroyed all the idols and ungodly altars people had erected. 2 Chronicles 15

These brave demonstrations of King Asa led him to a peaceful life and God poured out His blessings over the king’s household and kept him at peace with the surrounding nations.

The king even removed his ungodly mother from being the queen. That takes dedication and nerve.

What so fascinates me about this man is that he made a contract with an oath to be loyal to his God. In return, God blessed him in the midst of the nations who hated the people of God: yet God held the enemy at bay. This makes one wonder how long God will stay ISIS from the USA. Does this enemy tremble at our faith in our leaders and nation?

After 36 years of faithful service King Asa broke the oath he had made to serve his Lord and compromised his faith in God. From then on he had wars till he died of a serious disease.

The amazingly sad thing is that King Asa’s son Jehoshaphat followed the exact same journey as his father: a faithful servant who turned his back on his God when he became old and frail. What a warning sign for us older folks!

Furthermore…do you see how we often follow the same steps as our parents or grandparents? Do you think that there may be a generational tie between Asa and Jehoshphat? And did Jesus not die for those generational curses as well? You do not have to be cut out of the same “cookie cutter” as your father or forefathers. God wants to free you from those entanglements.

Have you somehow lost touch or compromised in your relationship with God? Sometimes it only takes a look in the wrong direction to get us off the path into compromise and disobedience, but God cannot take His eyes off of us. “The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.” 2 Chronicles 16:9

It is easy to give in to the desires of the soul, but the Bible says to be soulish (carnal minded) reaps death. (Romans 8:6) The Holy Spirit within us produces life and peace. Are you missing His life-giving Spirit?

Let’s step into the Spirit and have a life full of Life (that is His name). King Asa fell after 36 years of faithful service. One wonders how deeply in love he was with his Maker or did he perhaps serve his God from his soul instead of his Spirit?

Regardless of your age, Jesus wants you free from the entanglements of aging and wandering away from Him wondering if your life really counts. Let me tell you, friend, He is making you whiter than snow, free from the barbwire of limitations, living a colorful life.



I hear Jesus say, “You are Mine, always will be. Even till the end of this age I will sustain and nurture you. I am keeping you fit for the Kingdom. No more fear. No more stumbling. You just keep walking beside Me, for I am your keeper. Worship no other “gods.” They will all come to nothing, but I will stand forever.”