Do you think it is alright to question God?

We often hear people tell us religiously that we are not to question “The Almighty God, the Creator of heaven and earth.” Yes, you have a point I must say.

Let’s look at Moses. When Moses came back down from Mount Sinai after receiving the Ten Commandments, he found God’s people immersed in sin, immorality and worshipping a golden calf instead of the living God. God was furious and wanted to destroy the whole nation and start all over again with Moses alone.

Moses had the nerve to ask God in Exodus 32 why God was so angry against His own people whom He had so miraculously delivered from the Egyptians. He further told God, “Turn back from Your fierce wrath. Turn away from this terrible evil You are planning against Your own people.” (v.12) Moses also told God to remember His promises He had made concerning His people, that He would deliver and prosper them greatly. My, oh my…what nerve this holy man Moses had, eh?

Do you suppose we can remind God of those promises He gave us so many days, weeks and years ago? Or has He forgotten?

We often forget the amazing things God has promised us because we are influenced by people who have: number one, a different view-point than we have; or, number two, the oppositions the enemy throws our way (subtle as they often are). Look at Aaron, Moses brother, who basically built an altar to an idol, simply because he was influenced by the majority who wanted a different god. 

After Moses angrily confronted his brother, Aaron had the audacity to reply, “Don’t get so upset–you know these people and what a wicked bunch they are.” (v.22) Okay, Aaron, that’s not using your head! (I love this comment)

What a warning for us not to be influenced by anything or anybody. When we have doubts or fears God does allow us to talk to Him about those situations, all depending upon how pure our heart is. I find it refreshing to hear Him explain stuff to me when I am in a quandary for answers. I do not always like the reply He gives, especially when He indicates that it really is “none of my business.”  I often hear Him say, “Just trust Me.” Then I quickly back off, for He knows best…all the time!

You may find yourself wandering like a lost sheep gone astray and wondering which way He is leading and what He is doing, but know this…He loves you and it is alright to talk to Him about your struggles.

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I hear Jesus say, “I am determined to provide a way for you. I see the struggles you are up against and it is alright…I know the process that I am taking you through. It is alright for you to ask Me the ‘whys’ and the ‘wherefores.’ I can handle anything that comes your way. The thing that pleases Me most is that in your questioning you trust and believe Me.”