The greatest blessing in life is when we acknowledge and know deep within our heart that in ourselves we are destitute and until we get to that point in our life we will not walk in power, but see things blurry and confused.

That reminds me of Madelyn a 10 year old in our super church. The kids were worshiping one Sunday morning and it was her turn to do a prophetic art picture. I was standing to the side as she was standing in front of the drawing easel. She stood there for some time without moving. I went up to her and comforted her by saying that she did not have to do a picture if she did not receive anything in her heart or mind to draw. I then walked out of the building.

The moment I stepped out, Madelyn stepped up front and just made a mess ( so it seemed) of colors on the board, all blended together seemingly not making any sense at all. Some of the kids laughed and made fun of her, but she stood firm. When it was her turn to speak she said something like this:” Here we have a picture of a bunch of colors,( picture below) all blurry and blended together. Sometimes you cannot makes sense out of what God is doing in your life, and everything seems blurry, but God has a purpose for everything in your life.”

Madelyn has been called to do prophetic art and she is beginning to realize that if she obeys God and draws what God wants her to draw it will carry a phenomenal message of healing and encouragement to everyone in super church.

I hear the Lord say, ” Your life may seem like a mess, but know that God is making a beautiful painting out of your “mess of colors”. Each color speaks loud and clear that you have been chosen by God to bring the Light to the needy and lonely. Let Me turn you into a masterpiece for this world to see and experience.”