DSC03872Are there things in your life you want to make right and you feel that this is almost impossible?

Have you ever asked yourself if it is your responsibility to make things right?

Sometimes we just need to ask God to turn on the light on situations. It is not always our responsibility to make things right. When the light breaks in on a situation, God will show us our part. Sometimes we need to repent and confess, other times we need to forgive.

When we turn on the light in a dark room the roaches have to scatter and flee. We do not necessarily have to go after the darkness to rebuke it. When the light of the Holy Spirit comes in He disperses the darkness for us.

Be a child of the light and confess, then God will deal with what is wrong. If you vindicate yourself, you take on the side of darkness again.

When the things of darkness are gone it is the most real thing imaginable; the freedom is unspeakable and it is all because of His grace.

Hand over your bags of darkness from the past and allow the Holy Spirit of Light to shine on your past. He will come with His Light and make things new for you. Your chains will be broken and His glory will appear to you.

Would you pray this prayer with me? “Holy Spirit, I am asking you to shine your light on the pain of my past. Reveal to me your ability to completely forgive, heal and restore, for you make all things new. Help me not to justify myself, but rather forgive even when I am not at fault. In Jesus’ name, Amen”

Above is a picture of a young woman that has been set free from the chains that bound her. God’s face of glory is shining on her.

I hear Jesus say, “My child, when you were just a small person you suffered pain and distress. You did not know it, but I was there right beside you, protecting you from evil. I am here now to reverse the agony you suffered and make all things new for you. Let Me shine My Light into every situation as I desire to heal you in every part of your life.”