Is your river drying up?

The Lord told Elijah not to worry, for He would supply him with water and food during the drought that was about to take hold of the whole land. The Lord brought Elijah to a brook with running water. No need to go shopping or making out a menu, for God had a special plan for Elijah; bread and meat in the morning and evening (no snacking in between). The food was served on a special platter–ravens were the cooks and waiters. How intriguing that must have been.

But …then it happened…the brook dried up. Oh my, there was no way anyone could live without water. God’s supply seemingly dried up.

Have you ever been at a place where God’s blessings flowed like a river? Next thing you know God seems to have left you high and dry with seemingly nothing. You feel empty and almost betrayed, for things just seem to have fallen apart. Where is God now?
Elijah must have seen the process of the brook drying up, for there was no rain falling anywhere, not even where God had taken him, a special place with special “room service.” Had God given him all these blessings to just let him dry up and die?

Elijah did not complain…he just waited for the next move of God, knowing that God was testing him, but not letting him die. Sure enough, God did come through and redirected Elijah to go to a widow lady who would feed him. Because of God’s plan, both Elijah, the widow and her son would have enough to eat.

Have you come to the end of your blessings? Do you feel your river has dried up, the Spirit has left you and you are left to yourself to die spiritually? Wait…God will come through for you in His time and His way. Maybe not the way you had anticipated, but nevertheless…He will come through for you and replenish you again and again with incredible surprises. Why? He loves you. He loves you. His only motive for your existing is to love you and to bless you.

We need to let God be God and give up control as to how He goes about blessing us and taking care of us.

You may feel like a kaleidoscope right now. Everything seems mixed up not knowing why your life seems like a storm or seems like broken pieces of trees smashed to the ground. You need to know that He is not moved by the obstacles in your life. He desires to make you a strong tree, not moved by any storm. I hear Jesus say, “Look out… I am coming with My storms of blessing. It may look to you like a bad thing, but I have a much better plan. Out of this storm I will make you a forest of green strength that can stand against any drought or lack. Out of this trial you will grow new roots and branches for your development and growth to bless others. It is not a drought or famine that you are in; it is a blessing from Me. I love you deeply.”


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