Did you know that God often allows the enemy’s work to increase in order to demonstrate more of His power and miracles in your life?

He did that when Moses was trying to lead God’s people out of Egypt into the Promised Land.

In Ex. 10:1 God says, “I have hardened him (Pharaoh) and his officials, so that I can do more miracles, demonstrating my power.”

Very often we go through some deep trials and it may seem that the enemy has the upper hand. Yet, God always comes through with great victory as long as we let Him fight for us.

Sometimes it takes a long time of going through testing and preparation. It may even take most of our life for Him to prepare us for only a couple of years of true devotional service. Jesus Himself had to prepare for thirty years in order to be a trophy of miracles and blessing for a period of only three years. Do we think we need to have any less preparation?

Sometimes His testing just does not seem fair. I am thinking of the parable when men went out to work in the vineyard. When it came time for their salary, the one who had worked one hour was given as much salary as the one who worked for eight hours. What’s up with that?

You may question God on a lot of seemingly unfair things. But, know this…whether you have a lot of trials or fewer than the next guy…the pay is the same. God can do more miracles and show His power through you when you come to the conclusion that God is God and you are not!

Whether He heals your next door neighbor instantly and you have to slowly and gradually get better….He is in charge and has His own purpose which our finite minds cannot comprehend or are able to accept.

Know this…He loves us more than we with our “pea brains” can ever comprehend. HIS LOVE IS UNENDING INDEED!

The process of your trials and pressures may be breaking you on the outside, resulting in God’s presence flowing from the inside like healing and reviving oil to the nations. Allow Him to do so and do not hold back the breaking.


I hear Jesus say, “You are Mine. My desire is for you to be like Me, the Light and Love of the world. Whatever price you may seem to have to pay…it will be worth it all and then some, for I am about to bless you like no other. So, look up…for your turn is coming!”



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