Do you know what God means by “renewing your youth like the eagle”?

Eagles that have lived a good long life either die or they go through a season of molting, a period when their youth is renewed. During molting time the eagles go into the valley where they begin to pluck out their feathers. They start to walk like a turkey, have no strength to fly and lose their sight. They also lose their desire to eat and have no strength to hunt.

During this time they find a place in the valley where they can bathe in the sun. Older eagles that have experienced molting before, come and feed meat to the dying eagles. The younger eagles never feed them — they are centered only on their own needs.

It is an awesome sight to see an old eagle molting in the valley where once they were making a kill for themselves and their family. Now they have to choose whether they are going to eat the food that is given them and be renewed by the “sun” or turn over and die.

You know, we all have valley experiences in our life where we have to choose to pluck out our old feathers — habits, traditions, mindsets and excuses — that won’t hold up anymore. We also lose our desire to “eat” what He feeds us or drink from His fresh waters.

But…as we wait for Him in the “sun” He renews our youth like the eagle (Psalm 103:5). We begin to soar and we discover new territories to fly over. We will run and not be weary, walk and not faint. Isa.40:31. We will be avid “hunters” and kill our enemies. We will feed ourselves on His Word and drink from His gushing wells.

We will brush the world with His blood and the pallet of His love, becoming prophetic eagles that have renewed strength to fight any battle.


book cover Book cover design by  Marietta Wright

I hear Jesus say, “Many of you have become weary and worn in the battle. My desire for you is that you come to perfect rest in Me. I am leading you into the valley on purpose, so you may become equipped with new “feathers.” At times this can be a lengthy process, but know this…I know what I am doing. Trust Me and bathe in My “sun” and come to full rest in Me. Don’t turn over and die, but equip yourself with  new armor, setting the old life aside and mount up with My strong wings.”