Have you ever felt that nobody really cared?

I am sure Jeremiah must have felt that way quite often. The Bible says (Jeremiah 37) that neither the king, nor his officials, nor the people in the land listened to what the Lord had to say through Jeremiah.

The city officials were incensed with this prophet and had him flogged and thrown in a dungeon. Then they took Jeremiah from this dungeon and threw him in a better place as a consolation prize. There in prison he was given a small loaf of bread per day. Big deal!!

Then some dreadful people accused him wrongfully and ropes were tied around him as he was lowered into an empty cistern that had mire at the bottom. And, yes, this poor man sank down into the mire as he was dying of starvation.

I cannot even imagine this holy prophet going through such torment without tears running down my cheeks and feeling sorry for him. And I think I have problems??? Yeah, right!

Just before he died, Jeremiah was pulled out of the muck. It took 30 men to do so.

Talk about being rejected and abused. Here we have the ultimate repudiation.

And where was God during this time? Was He there just watching, wringing His hands not knowing what to do? Where were His wings of protection? Where were the mighty warrior angels to fight for Jeremiah? Was this the work of Satan? Was it because Jeremiah’s mind was warped by sin that he had to go through all this mess?

I am sure it was not because he was in sin, in fact I believe the opposite. He was a flawless, holy man. Yet … he had to go through all this and much more.

What can I learn from this precious man? For one thing, I am starting to look at trials a bit differently now. Somehow, I am learning to thank God for His remarkable grace to carry me through the pain and sorrow. To see that suffering has an eternal reward. 2 Corinthians 4:17: “This short time of distress will result in God’s richest blessings upon us forever and ever.”

The way we deal with difficulties and oppositions now will have an outcome in the present day, but also in eternity. I am sure that Jeremiah will have great reward in heaven. And how about you? How big will your reward be?


Above we have a picture of a person who has gone through some dark times in his heart, as you can see from the darkness in the center of the heart. But I hear Jesus say, “You have had to face some deep and dark trials in your life, but out of your heart are growing beautiful vines to delight My heart. I love you for being faithful and for not letting go of Me.”