In Joshua’s day there was a walled city named Jericho to be conquered. It was a powerful city with thick walls and a frightening army of mighty warriors to protect it. Yet… the Lord said to Joshua, “Jericho and its king and its mighty warriors are already defeated.”

Joshua then received instructions as to how to defeat this huge enemy. Basically, he just had to rest in the Lord, walk around the place, then it eventually collapsed. Joshua then had to move in upon the city “from every direction.

The enemy in our situation has already been conquered; we just have to know in what direction God is leading us to conquer our opposing foe. Sometimes it is standing still, sometimes worship and at other times we need to pick up our sword.

God tells us we are already healed. But, how do we claim our healing? Do we stand on it by faith, or do we use our sword and cut the sickness out of our body with the application of the Word? Do we just worship Him and thank Him for the answer? Or is there a stronghold in our life that keeps the healing from manifesting? Whatever it is…God will show you as you ask Him, for He already has defeated the enemy of disease in you on that cruel cross of Calvary.

This may discourage some of you, but for five years I have had to stand against pain in my body. It is about 85% better and soon it will be 100%. Why this long? I do not know. But I do know that the Lord sometimes stirs up the enemies against us so “He may utterly destroy them” in the end. Joshua 11:20.

You may feel like this bird below in this picture. You may be in a dark cage not able to get out of the enclosure. You may be wounded, sick, or defeated by the many evils or harms that have come against you, but know this… the enemy has already been defeated for you and in you.

2015-01-17 13.56.06 - CopyI hear Jesus say, “I already have defeated your adversary. Just step out of your bondage and let Me lead you to places where you can step on the enemy’s neck and be forever free. I love you, and it is because of My love for you that you will be able to conquer your seemingly impossible situation. And My Spirit is your freedom.”