Did you know that God is grieved when we complain about situations in life?

In the Old Testament the Israelites grumbled and complained just about anything that did not suit their fancy. God did not stand for it.

He sent venomous snakes among the complainers; that shut them up real quick. God even wanted to destroy the whole nation because of their whining.

When we get attacked by the enemy we need to ask ourselves, “Have I been complaining about stuff?” or “Do I have a nasty grumbling attitude?”

That will do it! It opens the door to the enemy to destroy our spirits, our bodies and souls.

When people complain they often have judgments in their heart. The thing is…we often end up doing or being the same as the people we judge. You know why that is? In Mathew 7:1 we read that with the same measurement we judge others, that same judgment will fall on us.

I have a habit of criticizing (or judging) people who are slow in their movements like walking, driving or who knows what. I think, “Why can’t these old people get a move on?” Mind you, I am 76 years old myself and not really a spring chicken any more. My…how I hate to admit that!

Today I found myself walking very slowly on the way to the gym. I just could not move as fast as I normally do as a result of some physical problem. I was frustrated with myself and asked the Lord what was up with this slow pace. Then I heard Him ask, “Haven’t you been judging all these ‘old people’ who cannot keep up with your pace? Now you know what it feels like.”

Believe me, I fell in a heap before Him repenting of those wicked judgments.

What about when we judge or complain about our pastor, our parents or the way God operates in our life? Be careful! You may reap some negative results from your complaining, judging or criticizing. We really take a chance when we do these things.

When the people complained to Moses about the lack of food, God said that they were complaining against Him. (Ex.16:8) Did you get that? Really?

I hope that this gets deep into my own spirit. I just can’t afford to ever complain about my husband, even if just in my thoughts, for God will go after me for sure. I just know it.

Complaining holds us back from running the race. Like the horse below, we must not be restricted by anything in this world. We need to run this race with freedom from unnecessary burdens we put on ourselves, be it consciously or subconsciously.

DSC04659Watercolor by Marietta Wright

I hear Jesus say, “I have created you for My own to run, run run. I have given you the strength of a racing horse. Do not, and again I say do not, entangle yourself with the small things that hinder your race. When difficulties come do not fret or become discontented. Just follow my paths even though they may be difficult. I will not lead you astray. Trust Me.”