Is it coincidence or God?

I have a darling little windmill about two feet high in my front yard. It is standing not in the middle of Holland but in a patch of white stones all closely piled together.

One day I approached my driveway and noticed that one blade of this windmill had fallen off. I lifted the blade to see what was wrong and discovered that the blade had lost the screw that held it to the main body of the mill. Of course, the screw fell to the ground into a sea of white stones not letting anybody see what they were hiding. I picked up the blade thinking, “No problem, Dave has a garage full of screws. He will fix it.”

Next day Dave sees the mishap, picks up the blade and instead of going into his garage he says, “Lord, You know where that screw is, please show me where it is.” He walks through the crowded stones holding a magnet in his hands for about four seconds. The screw just popped up from its hidden place in between hundreds of rocks and shows its happy face. Coincidence? You tell me.

What about the many times Jesus kept you from hitting that person or almost having your life snuffed out while driving in heavy traffic? And what about God giving you a Scripture that absolutely pulled you out of misery and despair even though that verse was written thousands of years ago? He then knew that you needed that verse to sustain you at that precise moment. And what about the divine appointment you had with a person that you had not seen for 20 years?

Precious friend, He sees your brokenness and despair over that husband who has been ripped away from you. He sees your sleepless nights as you lay there all alone. He knows every hurt and sees every tear you have shed. He knows your every painful movement, your swollen legs and hurting heart. The cancer that is attacking your body. Nobody has an answer for you. I am so sorry I have no answer for you either. Just love.

Here is a picture one of my students painted during a workshop.

DSC00964-150x150This is a person hanging on for dear life on a rock in an ocean of trouble and darkness, not knowing if God is even taking any note of him.

I hear Jesus say, “My eye is on every movement you make and every decision you take. My eye is on you–yes, you! And I do care about the trouble you are facing. Let Me take the wheel and let Me drive your vehicle. I will drive you safely to the other side.”