Has it ever come to your mind that you influence the spiritual growth, or decline of people around you?

Everyone is affected by the way you live.

Have you ever seen a spiritually happy person pop into a room and the whole place seems to light up? Their spirit seems to be deeply refreshing; it makes you feel revived and you really don’t know why.

On the other hand…when you live with a child or adult who is miserable and depressed it tends want to rub off on you; one has to to fight and stay close to God as not to become influenced by them.

Why is that? In Leviticus 4:3 we read that if the priest sins unintentionally, he brings guilt upon all the people. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? Could it be that this is the reason Jesus’ last prayer was so intentional about His people being one ( in a good way)?

And how about the scripture in Amos 3 where the question is asked, “Can two walk together except they be one?” Where there is disharmony, the enemy has open territory. That does not mean you have to give in to it when it comes your way through someone else. However, it will be an uphill battle to stay firm in your faith. But, it will make you grow stronger in Him…without a doubt. And the next time you will not so quickly be influenced by other people’s “stuff” as a result of you choosing not to be influenced.

The influence we have on people when they step into our home is amazing. People instantly pick up on our spiritual position. Someone I know shared that when their first child was born, everybody that walked into their hospital room was saved–the patient in the next bed, her relatives, their friends–everybody.

In this Christian life we have to realize one thing: we are responsible for how we influence folks around us, like it or not! So…be on guard at all times and do not fall into old patterns of despair, depression and gloom, for people often become what you are…like it or not.

You are either living like fragrant oil flowing over this world or a bad odor in people’s nostrils. You choose!



Romans 14:7 says, “None of us lives to himself alone.”

I hear Jesus say, “I have created you not for yourself, but to be an influence all around you. You must never hide yourself from others or from Me. Come out from your darkness into My light. I have made you a sweet influence in this world for you have much to offer. You must decide to just be that, before the enemy gets a hold on your life to destroy you and the people around you.”


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