How many dreams and plans do you have for yourself? And are you giving those dreams away or do you just keep them for yourself?

Did you know that God calls us a wicket and a lazy person if we keep our own talents (or gifts) for ourselves?

I can hear you say, “But I am not talented like so and so.”

Sometimes we bury our giftedness because of a distorted belief system. This system of thinking causes us to avoid leadership and responsibilities. Somehow we believe the lie that we are promoting ourselves; consequently, we do nothing and watch other people grow and blossom in their talents. If we do not develop our talents we are at risk of losing life.

Another lie of the enemy is that we are too old, too young or too busy. Before we were born He created and gifted us for one purpose alone–to honor Him in returning our talents back to Him–be it many or few talents.

Like the five loaves and two fish, we need to let Jesus break us and give ourselves away to become food to the people of this planet.

We are a powerhouse in the hand of God. As we give Him our talent, He then multiplies the gifts… so we can give Him more and more. Ohhh, He is so worthy.

Come on… Give your little bit of talent to Him. Jesus will balloon them to the point you will be amazed how you have grown. You only have power over what you own. Partner with Him without fear of “losing your talents” or protecting yourself. Jump into His river of ownership and responsibility. Ultimately, these talents are not given to us for us to keep; they are for us to throw at Jesus’ feet. If we keep them for ourselves we will lose them for sure.

Some of us have hidden talents we have not discovered yet. We need to dig deep and ask God to reveal the hidden and dormant stuff in us.

Many people who are retirement age have been so busy making a living that now they begin to discover exciting things within themselves they never knew they had. This revelation is extremely stimulating and encouraging, for they now have a new and fresh purpose instead of dying by watching the “boob tube” for the rest of their life.

So take courage my friend and partner with Him by giving all you have back to Him, resulting in Jesus multiplying your talents up to hundred fold to pour into the Kingdom of God. “Give and it shall be given you.”

Let God break you as you give away the sweet perfume of your giftedness and talents to a lost and needy world.  He will multiply your talents in abundance so you can keep giving away what you have. Because He loves you.

2015-01-27 14.36.38Here we have a picture of a perfume bottle. It has been broken. I hear Jesus say, “I have broken you to give away what is inside of you–many talents and gifts. Do not hold them inside of you, but let them flow out to others. This world is longing to partake of your dreams and vision as you give away what you have.”