Do you know that anxiety can lead to some deep negative results in your life?

Yes, anxiety may lead you to become frustrated, impatient, competitive, driven and fearful. And who wants to live under such bondage? I know I don’t.

Do you also know that it is easy to become anxious and difficult to be at rest? The Bible says in Hebrews 4 that we should work hard, labor, earnestly endeavor, and use diligence to enter into His rest. Wow, that sounds like a “tall order” to me.

You say, “How does that all work?” I am glad you asked. Very often when you have been brought up in a home full of anxiety, drivenness, strife and competition, you become programmed to be that way as you grow up.

Anxiety, a sister to stress, is very destructive and can make you bodily dysfunctional and sick. It gives the enemy a right to torment you, for it is sin, and Satan loves to afflict people who have “issues” like fear, worry and anxiety.

Your ancestors may have suffered from all these dysfunctions and you may feel that this has been passed on to you as well. Well, my dear friend, God paid for each malfunction in your life and wants to free you from this slavery you are in.

I used to think that unless I was anxious and driven I could not get things done. Wrong!

People who are at rest and have worked hard to be at rest accomplish much more. They are not tired and frazzled. Anxiety wears you out like no other thing.

So…where do we go from here? I would recommend start confessing the sins of your forefathers; their strongholds probably have been passed on to you. Then confess your own participation in the anxiety and all its “friends,” such as driving yourself (and others), competing, and who-knows-what else. He will show you when you ask.

Sometimes God immediately sets us free, but at other times we have to learn to form new habits and play new tapes in our head. Tapes like, “I feel anxiety coming on, but I am giving thanks in everything and I pray about everything, so why worry? In the name of Jesus, anxiety get out of here.”

Many times God leads His sheep into the valley so they will find rest and come closer to the Shepherd. But even when you are bleeding in the valley of unrest and fear He lets you drink from His Rock to be refreshed and restored, so you will come to be at rest in Him.

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I hear Jesus say, “My arms are wide open to receive you. I will carry you into My Rest and Refreshment. Give your strongholds to Me and I will release you to be at rest, to walk in peace and be free from your burdens and pain.”