What flows out of you?

When you are in contact with others, what flows out of you? The impression others receive from us will be a download of spontaneous blessing or a shower of indifference or coldness they do not need.

There was a wealthy woman who lived in Shunam in 2 Kings 4. She convinced her husband to give Elisha a room whenever he was in town and eat a meal with them. Here is the thing…Elisha did not give one message or performed one miracle there, yet he impressed this lady with his kind and genuine spirit. She called him a “Holy man of God.” Whatever Elisha had that made a wonderful impression flowed out of him.

If our soulish man is not broken others receive from us the impression of our carnality, which is not of God.

Perhaps we give others a so called good impression. But would God be appeased with the impact we make? And does it meet the need of the others, or is it just about us making ourselves look good?

If our soulish man is not dead or broken, God’s Spirit will not be released on the needy people around us.

The Holy Spirit may be in our mouth, but self is in our being and people will see right through it and God’s work will suffer.

A while back I was the guest speaker at a meeting and nobody knew it except one or two women. I was just meandering around in the crowd. One lady came up to me later on and said,” I did not know you were the guest speaker today, but when I first saw you I was wondering how come you had such a shine on your face (it might have been the make-up?). This really encouraged me. I am hoping I am not tooting my own horn here. But the desire of my heart is that people (specially my own family) will see Jesus in me without saying a word: it will just radiate.

DSC04907We have a picture here of a vessel with oil  that has been smashed and broken by its owner, Jesus Himself. The oil is running out on to the world. I hear Jesus say,” I am in process of breaking my people, for than My Presence of oil will flow out of you to the needy and the nations. Let me break your soulish shell to allow My Holy Spirit to flow freely.”