Does the Holy Spirit ever tell you that pain and suffering can be part of His plan for you?

You say, “Are you kidding me? The Holy Spirit is about healing, comfort and truth, not suffering.”

Well, here is a Scripture that may just change your mind. It is about Paul’s travels to Rome … “The Holy Spirit has told me in city after city that jail and suffering lay ahead.” Acts 20:23

Paul was a captive of the Holy Spirit and yet submitted himself to what the Spirit had in store for him–tremendous suffering. Wow.

Sometimes we cannot discern if what we go through is of the devil or of God. Jesus is not the author of pain and suffering, yet for some reason He allows these trials to establish and ground us in Him. Yes… to gaze on His beauty is our only focus, not how we get there.

“…This short time of distress will result in God’s richest blessing upon us forever and ever.” (2 Corinthians 4:17) In other words, the trials we go through now will affect us for all eternity. Truly the statement is true, “No pain, no gain.”


art 175 (3)You may be in a time of God pruning you and it hurts as it bleeds. But out of this pruning comes more and even much fruit you can bless God with, for He prunes those He loves.

I hear Jesus say, “You may not know all the reasons why these things happen, but as you quietly endure, you will become more like Me. I learned to obey through the things I suffered and you will do the same, for as I am, so you will become.”