My church hosts a monthly event called Community Connection.  After a Sunday morning service, we gather together for fellowship and refreshments on the church patio.  Members of the prophetic art team set up their easels on the edge of the gathering, and anyone can come and receive a prophetic art picture.  Usually, an artist spends just 10 to 15 minutes on a drawing, which can result in a life being changed forever!  I have often seen God step in and give the artist just the right idea for that exact moment of the recipient’s life.

On a recent Sunday, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a beautiful young woman standing by herself.  When I approached her to ask if she would like me to create a picture for her, she immediately agreed.  As I considered what to draw, into my mind came an image:  A glass bottle filled about halfway with water.  I drew what I saw, and added tears of sorrow, which were filling the bottle.  Next to the bottle was an open book, with more tears spilling onto the page.  As the tears dripped onto the page, they transformed into the words of the book.  After I finished, I described the picture to her along with God’s message to her:  God had seen all her tears of pain and sorrow, and put them into a bottle.  He also recorded each tear in a book of remembrance and was aware of each tear.  With more tears – this time, tears of joy – she received the drawing, and walked away, blessed by the Father’s love.