This is an excerpt from the first chapter of the upcoming book, Brushed by God, by Marietta Wright. Brushed by God has an expected publication date of August 1, 2011, and will be published by Destiny Image Publishers.

I have always loved having a clean bathroom shower, but no matter which product I used, I could never get mine as clean as I desired.   I purchased one cleaner after another, but none of them brought the success I sought. One day, a friend told me about a bathroom cleanser that she absolutely loved because it works particularly well.  Upon her recommendation, I purchased that brand.  She was right; I could hardly believe my eyes! My shower sparkled after I used this product.

Prophetic art can be like my experience with bathroom cleansers:  People seek an answer for their issues, dilemmas, and problems.  They try one thing and another, but nothing works.   Then, through a prophetic drawing, God provides the answer to their need.  He cuts to the heart of the matter, bringing healing and revealing His truth with a pencil and chalk.

All the powers of hell – and even our own selves – cannot keep His love away from us.  It is because of His great passion and love for us, His bride, that enables us to do prophetic art:  His heart is a prophetic ocean of compassion, and prophetic art is one method He uses to reaches us, the Bride He loves so deeply.

God uses both the art and the prophetic gift to help people grow deeper in their walk of relationship with Him.  A picture from Him speaks for itself, and it is truly worth a thousand words.