Have you ever asked yourself, “What is prophecy anyway?” It all sounds so mystical and strange. Prophecy is the fresh revelation of Jesus who is the essence of the Spirit and core of prophecy.

The result of prophecy is a deep passion for the heart of Jesus. Such passion for Jesus should be the highlight of the prophetic church. This is a ministry that feels and reveals the divine heart of God to the church and the world with a deep passion.

I love to see this ministry operate on the streets and in the parks where God begins to unravel the hearts and motives of people who know nothing or perhaps very little  about the God we know.

Below, you see a picture of one of our teen artists of our church in a park drawing a picture of God’s hand reaching out to another person’s hand. Annie (not her real name) told the lady, who this picture was for, that God’s hands was reaching out to her and He wanted to touch her and reveal himself to her. The lady teared up and started to cry. This gave Annie a chance to pray with the lady and bless her. This precious lady walked away thoroughly blessed and refreshed.

Prophetic ministry has not only to do with information, but also the ability to experience, in some measure, the compassion, grief and joy of God which leads to a deeper passion for our Lord and Savior. Prophetic ministry is to be stamped and sealed with the sensitivity of the heart of God. It is not about information from the mind of God, but it is the revelation of His heart, which is the cornerstone and the essence of prophetic ministry: the revelation of His heart.

When some one prophesies to you, be it through art or through a prophetic word, He often speaks forth future things or confirms what He already has spoken to the heart. This does not  necessarily mean He “predicts” the future. No, rather He begins to “create” the future.

After He creates a prophetic vision for you, you then have to die to the vision. After the death of a vision He causes the vision to come to pass. You ask, “What is the death of a vision?” It simply means that you do not make the vision come to pass; you let Him create the vision in His way and His time. Now that is dying to the vision. It is surrender, giving the vision to Him, walk over the the vision as if it were a dead corpse and let Him create the vision as only He  can.


Revelation 19:10, NKJV