The Bible is full of “word pictures” — text that paints an image in our mind’s eye.  Often, seeing an illustration of an idea can make it more real, and give it lasting impact.  Some of the “word pictures” I read of, while studying God’s Word would be difficult to literally illustrate, though often, while journaling, or just as I practice my art, I receive from God both an idea of how to depict a Biblical event, and a prophetic message to accompany it.

One of those word pictures is found in Ezekiel 17:17-20.  Here Ezekiel speaks of the king of Israel, who broke his promise to serve the Almighty God of Israel. Verse 20 says:

I will throw my net over him and capture him in my snare.

To turn this into prophetic art, you may depict a scene of a person who is captured in a net.  The words you speak over this picture would be something like:

Unless we obey what He asks of us, He may capture us, so we can learn to surrender.

I drew a quick picture of what this might look like.

In this same chapter of Ezekiel, we discover in verses 22-24 that the Lord took a tender sprout, and placed it on Israel’s highest mountain.  The sprout became a noble cedar with lush branches and bearing seed in abundance.  Underneath the tree were all sorts of animals for shelter and in the tree there were all sorts of birds nesting and sheltering.  The Lord then spoke and said that He makes “the green tree wither and gives the dead tree new life.”  I strongly believe that these verses are a warning to those who think that, after they have walked with the Lord for some time and have been abundantly blessed,  wrongly become convinced that their success have come from their own accomplishments and efforts.  Thus, God allows the plans of those people to wither.  On the other hand, when people become dead to themselves and surrender their lives to Him in every detail, He states that He makes can make that “dead tree” grow.

I drew a prophetic word about this illustration a couple of years ago.  The word I spoke for the people was:

We have a picture here of a dead tree and God makes it sprout again as He grows a new sapling out of the dead tree.  He wants you to know that there is new and abundant life for people who have died to themselves and have died to their old habits of thinking and their old lifestyles.

Below is another word picture and it is found in Ezekiel 19:10-14.  In that passage, Scripture tells how the nation of Israel was uprooted and, like a decayed tree, she withered from within.

If the Holy Spirit brought this to mind while I was publicly drawing prophetic art, I might draw a simple picture, like the one shown below.

If speaking prophetically about the picture, I would say something like:

Here we have a picture of a tree that is already beginning to topple, for it is decaying from within.  A tree that is decayed cannot produce any fruit.  God wants to bring healing from within wherever there is darkness and pain and make you a strong tree that bears His fruit in abundance.

This picture took me not even five minutes to make.  You could easily do this with just a pencil or pen.  This would be great picture to do for an individual in the park or for someone as you are waiting in a doctor’s office.  A spontaneous prophetic picture like this provides an amazing opportunity to share with a stranger that God loves them and wants to remove all the darkness and decay from their life.