I drew these pictures in a variety of public settings.  All were done in about 20 minutes, prompted by the Holy Spirit to meet a need of the moment.  Feel free to leave comments or questions in the comment section below.

1.  I drew a church, destroyed by a tsunami.  It is surrounded by darkness and rubble.  I hear Jesus say, “My church will always rise above the darkness and tribulation of this world. She will survive and be rebuilt to become pure and spotless.”


2.  Below is a picture of the Holy Spirit hovering over baby Jesus, protecting and blessing our dear Savior.  As Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit, so His Spirit will conceive in you, birthing His rest and the ability to live and die for Him.


3.   Here we have a picture of the lion and the lamb.  Normally, a lion would devour a lamb, but here they are peacefully together because of God’s grace and peace.  God wants you to know that in the most adverse circumstances and difficulties, He has come to bring His peace in your midst.

Lion and Lamb

4.  We have a picture here of a caterpillar who has turned into a beautiful butterfly.  I hear God say to you, “You may think you are like that worm, small and unattractive, but I say to you that I have made you into a stunning butterfly and My purpose is for you is to show My beauty to the nations and the uttermost parts of the earth.”


5.  I painted a picture of a lily, reflected in the water.  God is saying, “I have made you as pure and clean as a lily. You are my reflection in this world because I have planted you and watered you with My precious Word.”


6.  During my church’s annual international leadership conference, I drew a picture of the lion, roaring powerfully over the nations.  I sense the lion is roaring God’s message over the earth, calling the nations to repentance and to turn from their wicked ways.  God wants you to know He is calling you to conquer the nations in the strength of the Lion of Judah.


7.  Here is a deer here drinking water in the early morning hours.  The Lord is the water of life and He desires you come to Him and drink early in the morning and be satisfied.