How do you look at your adversities?  Do you look at your mishaps as if your cup is half full or half empty?

Viewing your cup as half full will transform your adversities into a good outcome and advantage.  Half empty will cause your trials to destroy you.

In Numbers chapter 13, God commanded Moses to send out 12 spies from the Jewish nation to check out the neighboring country, on a mission to explore the land He was giving to the Hebrew people.   The twelve checked out the land for forty days and came back with the news that they had seen some spectacular demonstrations of beauty, production of vegetation, and blessings of all sorts.   Grapes as big as your fist, people like giants, everything was beautiful and huge.

The two brave spies, Caleb and Joshua, trusted in God’s power, and believed that they all were able to cross over into the land and defeat the enemy in this seemingly impossible situation.  They went on to possess everything God had planned for them.  Their children and their children’s children inherited the Promised Land and became very prosperous in the land.

But the other ten spies were full of unbelief and did not think that God was able to take the land through them.  They saw their cup as half empty, and infected all the rest of the people with unbelief, doubt, and fear.  The ten spies had a “poor me” victim mentality and this attitude spread through out the camp.  The 12 spies had been called to minister faith to the people; instead, most of them sowed bad seeds of unbelief and rejection toward God.  As a result, their ministry died:  God not allow any of the unbelievers to cross the Jordan River into the Promised Land, but condemned them to wander in the desert for 40 years.  Additionally, Numbers 14:36-37 says, “The ten men Moses had sent to explore the land— the ones who incited rebellion against the Lord with their bad report— were struck dead with a plague before the Lord.”

When God allows opposition, sickness, or difficulties in our lives, we often think that He has rejected us.  Too many times, those trials are the result of us rejecting Him.  We think all of our negative circumstances are His fault, because He could have stopped the trials from happening.  However, we do not understand that He is not rejecting us when we are in the midst of trials, even although it often feels that way.  He does allow these difficulties so we come closer to Him and become more intimately acquainted with His tender love and mercy for us, and so that we will trust Him for the seemingly impossible.

I hear Him saying, “My ways are not anything like the way you think or expect, I see the end results of your journey, you only see for the moment. The moment is often not pleasant, but My grace will lift you up and away from the pain and cause you to go through the fires of testing with grace and endurance.  I only test and discipline the ones I love and I dearly love you.”

Below, we see a man carrying some heavy burdens.  Today, you may be carrying some unnecessary burdens like fear and unbelief, thereby rejecting the God you truly love.

I hear His gentle voice, “Expose your shortcomings and sin to my light and I will take your heavy burdens away from you to make you free and remove all your unbelief and fear and cause you to walk on my path of freedom.”