Have you ever visited a church event where people could draw a prophetic art picture for you right on the spot?  Well, that’s what happens in my church, once a month.  We all gather after church on the church patio to connect with each other and enjoy a snack like pastries, cheese, fresh fruit and coffee or punch. 

As church members and visitors chat and eat, members of the prophetic art team paint pictures for people.  Sometimes, individuals request a picture.  Other times, I approach someone if I feel so led and ask them if they want a picture in which God would speak personally to their heart.  Hardly anybody refuses, for it is so exciting to have God talk to you through a picture.

On a recent Sunday morning,  I talked with people after they had received a prophetic picture.  The drawing below was for a lady who was struggling with all sorts of personal battles and issues.  God had prepared her heart to receive that picture this particular morning and she was touched by His Spirit and truly blessed.  It was a joy to see tears of gratitude and watch as her emotions were healed by Jesus.

The artist, a teenager, at work on the drawing.

The word for the lady was that this was a picture of her all wrapped up in a blanket of His love.  The artist instructed her prophetically that she did not need to fear any more for the things that threatened her, for she was safe and protected by Him.   The recipient told me that she was going to display the painting in her home.