Do you take time for the poor and needy?

Yesterday my husband told me he did not know which way to turn; he had so many things to do and people to see regarding work.

This morning I looked out our window to see a very needy couple meandering up our driveway. This couple work very hard at making a living collecting cans and scraps they can sell. The two of them have several children to support, even though they must be in their fifties. My husband and I put out metal scraps and anything that has any value for them each Tuesday morning. This has resulted in a friendship and they are beginning to trust us.

 Someplace they had obtained a shopping cart, and they wanted my husband to turn that shopping cart into a buggy they could pull behind the woman’s bike.

Two hours later the woman was the happiest person in the world as she pulled her new invention behind her bike, for now she herself could collect aluminum cans and make a living along with her man.

 I am convinced that this caring heart of David (my husband) touched the heart of Jesus. I know it touched my heart, for I know how pressured for time he was, yet he served a fellow human being with love in his heart, no questions asked.

Does it not say somewhere that if you give someone a cup of cold water you do it as unto the Lord? (Mathew 10:42)

I believe had Jesus been here on earth He would have had a big smile of approval as He witnessed one of His children being blessed and the other being a blessing–that delights His heart.

DSC03099I hear Jesus say, “The poor and needy will always be in your midst. This gives you a chance to be a blessing when you see a needy person. Always have your eyes and hand open to the poor, for I love them as much as I love you.”









Here we have a picture of Jesus drawn by Marietta Wright as He may have looked while here on earth.



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