Do you know that people closely watch you? And did you know that they often fear God because of you?

Yes, that is very true, now, and in Bible times. When the people of Canaan heard that the Lord had dried up the Jordan River for the people of Israel to cross to the other side, their courage melted.  They became paralyzed with fear. The people in the city of Jericho were terrified even when the word “Israel” was mentioned. These folk had no more fight left in them, for they knew that the God of Israel was the Supreme God.

You may think that you are just an ordinary person with little influence. Don’t let the enemy tell you those lies. You are a sweet fragrance to others, or perhaps an irritation to those you live or work with because they are convicted of their life-style and sin.

One time I gave some money with a gospel tract to a person on the street. He walked away looking at the tract and then came back to me and told me he could not take my money because I was a Christian.

You may be the only person on your street, at school or at work who knows Jesus. You can be sure God has placed you there for a purpose–to show Him off. So do not put your head in the sand, but just keep loving Him and people will be touched by your life, I promise you. People may not say anything, but they know! You just keep shining regardless of the darkness around you.











watercolor by mw




You are His light. Let it shine.

I hear Jesus say, “My purpose for you is to be Me to this world. You are a lighthouse placed here for a specific purpose. Just be Me and I will do the rest. I am a Peacemaker and a Lover of people. You do the same and you will bring a harvest in due time.”