What do you think it means to be at rest? Perhaps it means we become inactive?

Could it be that once we have given up in our own strength He then becomes active as we rest in Him?

God has always been more concerned with the state of our heart than the activity of our hands.

I don’t know about you, but I tend to feel guilty when I am not busy.  I want to be devoted to a task, a project, or doing something, otherwise I feel conscience-stricken and useless. I tend to get irritable, pushy and driven as a result of this dysfunction in my life. Thus, my devotion to my task exceeds my devotion to Him. This then hinders my success in accomplishing His tasks. It is only out of realizing and applying His devotion and love toward me that I am delivered from my un-anointed zeal and ambition to perform.

Often we feel like orphans because we have not been fathered properly by our earthly father; thus, we feel that this gap has to be filled by our own accomplishments of insignificant activity. We do not realize that He promised to not leave us orphans, but that He will come to us and free us. John 14:17

When we enter into His sweet stillness we have overcome the onslaught of the enemy on our life. Satan then has no more right to accuse us of “not doing enough,” for he cannot compete with a simple trust in Jesus to be our Rest.

Many times the enemy finds a place within us that is restless; it gives him a right to torment our physical body as well as our mental state. We become depressed, feeling useless and afraid.

To me to be at rest means that even when my father and mother forsake me (for that matter anybody that walks away from me), I simply trust the Lord will take care of me, picking me up like a lamb, protecting and hovering over me. I never need to worry or fear for I am safe in His arms. That is the true rest from His heart. This makes me shine in the darkest places of insecurity, depression and pain in others and myself.

DSC00005We have a picture of a tornado stirring up all the homes in the neighborhood except for the one with the red roof. It just stands there completely unaffected. I hear Jesus say, “When you rest in Me I will be the peace in your storm and give you unspeakable rest wherewith you can withstand any attack or war that comes against you. My rest will be released in your heart so that no storm can influence or harm you. Choose this day to let go of your striving and unrest; it only leads to your destruction.”








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