Has there ever been a time in your life when you just felt you could not get it together? One moment you knew in your heart everything was going to turn out just right, and then it seemed like a bomb fell on your roof and you felt crushed by the weight of it all. Consider King David who had a band of 400 men, that he had trained and disciplined to be the best battalion on the face of the earth. He started out with 400 men with bad reputations; they were discontent and known as scoundrels. David was a good and upright leader who taught his men to be excellent soldiers but more importantly to be pure and fair in every detail of their lives, including respect for the king because he was God’s anointed, no matter how dishonest the king seemed to them.

Some of us may feel like David’s men. We feel we have been beaten, unjustly treated and have become cynical, mistrusting and discontented.

God is calling you into His army and He desires well-trained soldiers who know how to take perfect aim at the enemy with no fear, no doubt, and completely committed to the One who trained and disciplined them to become like David’s army.

I hear Jesus say to you: “I will cause your enemies to disappear like bullets from a gun, quick and easy, for I will pull the trigger on your enemies when you surrender your heart to Me, for it is out of your heart that you live and show the world who you are. Out of you I will make a regiment of soldiers who can defeat any enemy in sight.”

The wonderful part about living a life out of weakness and dependency on Him is that He will tuck you away and keep you safe and hidden from the enemy.

Below we have a picture of a Canadian goose with a gosling safely hidden underneath it’s wings. I hear Jesus speak these words:” You will be very safe when you come to me in your desperation, your fear and strife. I will hide you from the pressures of life and keep you safe underneath my protective wings.”