What does it mean to you when a father brings up a child in “the nurture and admonition of the Lord”? (Ephesians 6:4)

I have heard it taught that in Bible times a father would take a new-born baby, lay the child on his front during the night and sleep with the child on his chest. Thus, he would nurture the baby (or promote growth for the child, according to the Bible Dictionary). When the child needed to be fed, the child would be handed over to the mother for a feeding and then transferred back to the father.

When a child is tenderly instructed by the father, it makes the child trust his/her dad. When this does not happen, the enemy comes in with seeds of doubt, mistrust, fear and unbelief.

Many times I talk with people who have tremendous issues with trusting God. Very often they confess they have had a poor relationship with their father. However, God can totally change that when forgiveness steps into the picture as they let their father “off the hook.”

Sad to say, we often subconsciously transfer those mistrust issues on our Father God. That is just what happened to me; I never trusted an authority figure, let alone God the Father. Jesus? Yes, I loved Jesus, but could not identify with a loving God…until the Lord freed me from bitterness and unforgiveness toward my earthly father. Even though he died many years ago and never was able to confess to him my bitterness and ask for forgiveness, I still forgave him as if he were alive. I must say this was not an instant miracle; it took me many years of laying down my “rights” to my anger.

I have concluded that “trust” means letting go of your own opinion on how things need to be performed and adopting His thoughts on every issue. It means to abandon yourself to let go of the “what, where and when,” and trust Him in His good timing.

“Whatever,” for He is Love!

Our God is called the Lion of Judah and He is able and willing to devour any enemy of doubt and unforgiveness. He is our Father and Protector and we can trust Him when it seems there is no way. This Lion is gentle and knows how to nourish and deliver from the fear and resentment  we have formed in our hearts as a result of pain in our hearts towards our parents, or anybody else.

I hear Him say:” I have come to free you from your past hurts and failures, so you can learn  to love in return and become a good father, a gentle and patient mother, breaking the generational curses over your home. Do not hold your parents, teachers, children and friends liable,  but surrender them to Me for I am their Judge,  not you. Then you and your children will love  and become like tender plants that mature into strong trees in My Kingdom, and I will protect you and watch over you with My Lion Spirit.”



 Watercolor by Marietta Wright












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