What is it in you that pleases God the most?

Perhaps it is your friendship with Him? Or maybe the courage you have to witness for Him? Perhaps how often you attend church or how much you pray?

Those are all fantastic attributes God does not overlook. Still, what pleases Him the most?

In Hebrews 11:6 we read: “Without faith it is impossible to please God…”

Very often we think that if we believe God for an impossible situation He will be truly pleased. Perhaps you are right, but let me challenge you a bit deeper. It often is us who become pleased, thankful and happy when we see the answer to our faith happen in a profound way. That is great, but if we have faith in Who God is and not what He can do for us, He will be truly pleased. In other words, trust and have faith in Him regardless of the outcome of your request.

Some of the believers in Paul’s time believed God for Who He was, even though they died without receiving the things they believed God for. Hebrews 11:13

How exciting it would be if we all could just have faith in Him…period. Then when that happens, He often does much more than what we dared to believe. Truly…it is all about Him and not what He can do for us. It comes down to what He already has done for us: gave Himself over to that cruel cross, simply because He loved us before we were even born.

Let us “cling to the old rugged cross” and not to the blessings we so often want.
art 131I hear Jesus say, “I shed those tears for you and carried your sins in My body to deliver you from hell itself. I pulled you out of the flames of destruction and pain and made you My bride. My desire is for you to become just like Me: to have a love for a broken world. Therefore, adore Me, not only for what I can for you, but love Me for Who I am, and everything else will fall into its place and according to My plans, not yours.”