Do you worship God for the work you do, or do you adore the God of your work?

Sometimes we begin to adore our spiritual success instead of being content to have the approval of God.

As a child, I always was longing to get someone’s approval, and if I did not get it, I would manipulate people till they patted me on the back. Why do we do that? Could it be because we never had a courtship with only His approval and we never have experienced His passion for us in the depths of our being?

Sometimes I get so excited about what God is doing in people’s hearts all over the world through prophetic art to the point that I want to multiply this blessing; yet, God is saying, “Be blessed not because people respond to you, but because of Who I am, for I am the blessing and not the outcome of your work.

The disciples were excited that the demons came out of people, and, yes, that is very exciting to see that happen. But, Jesus instructed them to be happy because they belonged to Him and were part of His Life. He said that “as He is so are we in this world.” (1 John 4:17)  Now take notice, for it says “As He is, so are we,” not “as He works, so we work.” It has to do with “being” first, and out of being eventually comes doing. Then, there is no more responsibility of having to perform for Him; we just need to stay in touch with Him and do what He does, or be still like He is. This takes stress from us, and we will then come to absolute rest In Him.

Preconceived notions of what God is fitting us for go out the door, for He engineers it all. One life devoted to God has more value than hundreds that are simply awakened by God and continue to do what they have always done.

When we are not hindered by our work, but walk with His total assistance, we can, as it were, do anything He does, like walking on top of the world and not be bothered by the tumult around us. We will be like the men in the picture below–going where He sends us, and doing what He does.


Copy of IMG_3541


I hear Jesus say, “The world belongs to you if you totally attach yourself to Me and let Me work through you. There is nothing you cannot accomplish, but you need to make sure at all times that it is I Who is doing the work, as you step back and let Me do it through you.”



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