What Is Prophecy?

Have you ever asked yourself what is a true prophetic ministry? Do you feel like we all could be part of that or is it just for certain people?

A Costly Function

The prophetic ministry is a costly function. One cannot have prophetic revelation and at the same time live in compromise or have things in our life that the Lord wants. Neither can we be governed by public opinion or any other policy except what God has said by His clearrevelation as to His purpose backed up by His word, the Bible.

Not Just Professionalism Alone

Sometimes things get lost when we become too professional, because the very essence and nature of prophetic ministry is that it is coming by a fresh revelation every time. Not stale bread, but fresh manna that uplifts the people and causes the a person to have an “ ah-ha moment”- a first hand touch form the Father. This ministry is a growing revelation through the operation of the Holy Spirit through exactness and unveiling of truth in each area of our life.


The Thoughts Of God

Prophetic ministry is one of utter faithfulness and exactness to the thoughts of God. Like Moses who spent a great deal of time and energy to be with God and then saw Him face to face, resulting in knowing God’s thoughts.

The Testimony Of Jesus

What is true prophecy? Is it someone standing up in church and giving a prophetic word that causes one to have goose-bumps all over? Yes, that can be part of it for certain. But does it mean then that a person who never stands up in a church to prophecy is not prophetic? No not at all. I have seen some of the most intense prophetic people who do not stand up and prophecy out loud but they see, by the Holy Spirit, things that would astound you. Seeing like He sees-the basis of prophetic ministry and God’s desire is that the man and the function of prophecy are identical. It always is and always will be about Jesus, for Revelation 19:10 sums it all up: “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” His life and testimony turns anyone from a worm into an object of beauty.


Here we have a picture in watercolor by Marietta Wright of people being in His presence, receiving His Glory. I hear Jesus say that if your life is all about Me and how to worship Me then you truly are a prophetic person, for your are carrying My testimony in deed.