Have you ever wondered why God seems to wait such a long time to fulfill  your vision?

Most of the time when God gives you a vision, you will go through a dark period that seems to make no sense at all. It’s as if God shines the light on our vision and then the light seems to turn to utter darkness. The greater the vision He bestows on us, the greater the darkness that can come  and overwhelm us.  This is the time to wait on Him and be still because God will prepare you and remake you according to the vision. Never try to help God fulfill the vision. This is the time to be still and at rest in your heart, a time when all self-sufficiency is destroyed and made ruin, a time not to rely on a common-sense approach, but a time of staying focused on God, and trusting Him implicitly. Isaiah 50 :10 says it well,” Who among you fears the LORD  and obeys the word of his servant? Let the one who walks in the dark, who has no light, trust in the name of the LORD, and rely on their God.” ( NIV) Ask yourself, men and women of God;  is your confidence in your efforts, acquired skills, or in books and manuals ?  Is your trust and confidence in God Himself, or in what you can do to make the vision happen?  We are all being disciplined to know that we can trust Him and that He is real, even in the tiniest details and complicated issues of our lives. We  begin to understand that the greatest competitor of letting our vision blossom and come to pass is our service for Him, however, it was God who gave the vision and it will be God who will  bring  it  to fruition. I believe one purpose of a godly vision fulfilled is the satisfaction we get when we know God will nod His head in approval and say:” I made it all come to pass because you let Me do it through you.” We were not placed here on earth to battle and fight for God, but to be used by God according to His vision for us. Serving Him to get our own vision achieved is a dead end street, but coming to the end of our own ideas, our imagination and striving to get the vision accomplished will bring us to total weakness and the realization that there is nothing in us that can compete with God, who in a nano second can make the vision explode like an atomic bomb and spread like a fire in a dry forest.

For me personally there are certain warning signs and flags that if I do not check my self spirit, I fall into trying to making the vision happen myself. Here are some of the warning signs I must watch out for: The quicker I make the vision come to pass the better, after all, I am old now and I do not have much time left in this world! By the way, That kind of reasoning is an anathema. Also during my my” vision planning” I start getting fidgety and antsy as if I need to move a ton of bricks. My rest is gone and I get irritable.  I start asking questions of the Lord like:” What are you doing?  Why this or that not happening”? I start blaming people, places and things, and  I get worried, fearful and loose my energy.  When I come back to the root issue of performing for God and confess it as sin, I calm down and begin to feel at peace again, my joy returns and I begin to agree with the Psalmist ” I can run through a troop and leap over a wall.” a song we used to sing years ago. The only way God is going to fulfill His vision in us is when let Him do it in His time and in His way.

Above  is a picture of the fire of God in His eye. This picture has a double meaning. I believe that when we surrender the vision to Him, He will burn everything in our life that is not of Him and second, set on fire His vision in us, and spread the vision all over the world like a wild fire.