Did you know that the way you live now can and will influence following generations when you are dead in the grave?

When God says in Isaiah 54:14, “All your children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be the peace of your children,” I believe Jesus means all your children now and in the future, even the ones you will never see or know. Even more so, all the people you pray for and minister to now will also affect their generations in the future.

When you truly get that into your spirit it will blow you away, either with excitement or perhaps regret?

When God spoke to Abraham and promised him a son, He told him his seed would be like the stars of heaven. That meant many generations from many continents and worlds that had not yet even been discovered.

Abraham did not say, “Oh well, that’s nice, but all I want is a son–nothing else.” No, I am sure that he had a lot to think about when he pondered the fact that many generations would walk in his footsteps.

We have inherited many good traits as well as bad strongholds from our past generations that we will pass on to our descendants. However, I want to pass on only the good stuff to my next generations. I want to even become an intercessor for those who follow me in the natural and spiritual. And I sure do not want my next generations to battle the awefull strongholds I have had to battle. Oh no…never!

So how can I be sure I do not have strongholds to pass on to the future offspring? That’s quite simple, but means a lot of letting go and death in me. It means to confess the sin of the former generations as God requires in His word and confess our own participation in our sin and theirs. We need to then put the cross between us and past generations and walk a fresh Godly pathway. Then…command that stronghold to go. It has no right to torment you ever again. Just don’t let it back in again.

Are you constantly anxious or afraid? Did one of your parents or grandparents have the same trait? How about drinking? How about struggling with the same diseases? I was having trouble with my hearing years ago. Loss of hearing was in my generational genes. I broke that stronghold and was made free from those tormentors. I could write a book on all the “rubbish” God has delivered me from.

My challenge to you is that you would want to be free from passing things on to the next generation, and especially become free yourself. This way you will build your house upon the solid rock of Christ–our strong foundation. Our house will never collapse like the one that was built on sinking sand.

Storms may come, but they will only make you stronger.

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I hear Jesus say, “Let Me cleanse you deep within and set you free from any entanglements you were born with. No more captivity for you, My darling friend, for I am coming to your house today to remove, restore and repair.”








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Most of us have heard the maxim, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” We may try a hundred word-related ways to comprehend a truth, but somehow, pictures engrave the heart. When the picture matches the words well, the reader is more deeply impacted.

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