Do you occasionally get the unwanted visitor of depression?

If depression or oppression knocks at my door, I am always to blame. God is not, nor is anyone or anything else.

When we are depressed, we often insist on an answer from God. Instead, we need to simply trust that He is God and we are not.

The answer to prayer is not the solution. The true solution is that we get a hold of Him, not the final outcome.

We look for visions, for thunder and power, but we do not realize that God is in the commonplace things and people all around us. It seems we are blinded to His very presence and blocked by our own insistence that He must do something for us.

If we could only admit our blindness and see God in the smallest details around us. We must learn that in the commonplace things the Deity of God Himself can be realized, and the answer to our prayer does not matter as long as we have Him in the midst of our very being.

The three men on the road to Emmaus were so blinded by their gloom and pain; they did not know Jesus was walking right beside them…until Jesus opened their eyes. Depression and fear fell off their shoulders and they were set free. (Luke 24:13-31)

May God open our eyes today that we may see Him in all His glory. He hurts when we hurt and has deep compassion for us.

Blind eye openedEven before you were born, He knew what you would have to face today. He loves you.


Here we have a picture of an eye that is partially blind. We often see things through our own blinded eyes, causing us to perceive only what we want. God wants to give us a fresh new vision to see things as He sees them, unclouded and clear, we will then discern Him in all things.

I hear Jesus say:” When you focus on Me instead of your own surroundings I will brighten your path as the darkness disappears form your life.”





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