What is the one special thing God really enjoys for us to do?
Could it possibly be that regardless of what happens, we will trust Him at any cost?
I do not know about your affairs, but I do know I often hear Him whispering to me, “Just trust Me.” Sounds quite uncomplicated, right? Yet, when we see nothing but the high waves of despair and obstacles ahead it is difficult to stay confident in Him.
What a pang goes through us when we miss trusting Him; we begin to realize that we might have produced a mountain of joy in Jesus’ heart if we had remained absolutely confident that He would work the situation out for our good. It is when a crisis arises that we instantly reveal upon Whom we rely.
Sometimes God trusts us with a silence instead of giving a visible answer. His silence is often a sign that He will give you a deeper understanding of Himself, a deeper revelation of His love for you, causing you to mature.
A wonderful thing about His silence is that His stillness will become a part of you. You just know in your “knower” that He has heard you, and the struggle of “having to pray through” has fallen off you and you become at rest, knowing He does all things well.
Below we have a picture of a boat in the storm. Only one sail is left and it has been ripped to pieces.




I hear Jesus say, “You may feel you are caught in a dreadful storm and your anchor does not seem to hold. Know this….your destination will be safe and secure and the storms will deepen your faith and cause you to walk in silent victory, and that pleases My heart.”


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