Why do we so easily fall into pride?

The sin of pride caused Satan to lose his position in heaven. Could it be that not getting into pride is the greatest struggle for us because that was Satan’s greatest weakness?

God can never entrust His Kingdom to the prideful servant, for pride is the armor of the greatest darkness. Pride makes us vindictive and cruel and it ties God’s hands from blessing and putting His stamp of approval on us.  It cripples us. God will come against a person with pride and self-sufficiency, but opens His arms wide to the humble. As long as we think we can do the work in His vineyard because of our giftedness, He has to set us aside and render us useless.

Your “defense attorney,” Satan himself, will defend you as long as you live in pride. When we listen to him, we will not see what is wrong in our hearts, nor will we do anything to change ourselves, for we are blinded to the truth. When we humble ourselves before God, our self-preservation instincts will be surrendered to His will; consequently, we will get “hooked-up” with our “Lawyer” who sets us free to walk in humility.

As we submit our pride to God in repentance we have every right to rise up against Satan, who will then have no more access to us or right to torment us. We may then start walking in the true nature of Jesus, Who is the ultimate of humility.

Francis Frangipane states that when Satan sees a humble person it sends chills down his back. His hair stands on end when Christians kneel down, for humility is the surrender of the soul to God.

When we are pure with humility, when no one sees and takes notice of us, we will openly reflect the light of His presence in the dark places.

Like this water lily below reflects the glory of God in the water, so the humble person will reflect His glory, where no pride can abide.


pure as a lilie

I hear Jesus say, “I came into this world as a humble baby and walked the road of brokenness and humility so you could have life eternal. Learn of Me and follow My path and foot steps, and you will bring many to the feet of the King of Kings.”











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