Have you ever met a person who seemed to look straight through you so that it was almost frightening?

I do believe that God wants to give a strong sense of discernment to all of us. But we must be careful not to turn discernment into a mockery of criticism. The revelation is given to us directly by the Spirit of God and He needs to be able to trust us with the secrets of His heart.

Discernment can be a heavy burden that God puts on us. He reveals things to us about His precious people in order that we will take each soul before Him and form the mind of Christ about what God wants to do in that person.

As we intercede for the people we have discernment for, God will give us grace for them and He will be able to convey His will about the one we are in prayer for.

In the past when I heard from God for someone I would often blurt out the revelation without consulting Him first, while He just wanted me to pray, or maybe tell them when He had sufficiently prepared them for the manifestation of truth. I am gradually tuning into what He desires first.

There are times we barely hear the Holy Spirit whisper something to us for a needy person and the disclosure seems very vague. Sometimes God just wants us to step out by faith and declare what was just imparted to us. This means taking a great risk at times, but, oh! the victory that can come from such a venture–a delight to the heart of God and often freedom for the recipient.

When we come to a place of total dependency on His precious Holy Spirit as pictured below by prophetic artist Marietta Wright, He will show His truth in His time for that person. He then sets the captive free as the truth is made known to them.


img_1304 (2)


I hear Jesus say, “As you draw yourself near to Me on a moment-by-moment basis, I will make Myself known to you as I made Myself known to Moses. Persist in coming into My presence for others who need Me and you will never be disappointed. Your reward will be great.”







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