Is it your heart’s desire to see God while here on earth?

The Israelites did not desire to see God, for they were afraid God would kill them. And, yes, it is true, you can think that God may kill you, because He is very powerful. However, a death of dying to self is what He desires, and out of that you may begin to see God.

Mathew 5:8 says, “The pure in heart shall see God.”

If we hand ourselves over to Him, we need never fear the awful possibilities of the sin that is hiding in the depths of our heart that keeps us from seeing Him.

Purity is the outcome of a sustained habitation with God, which is a continual growing deeper into the center of His being.

If the spiritual bloom of our heart is marred in the slightest degree, we must make it right immediately. God then makes us pure by His sovereign grace.

If we are to maintain spiritual contact with our God it may mean we must scorn some things that may seem normal to others, but impure to you. At times, this may seem unfair, but then I hear Him say, “What is that to you? You follow me!” (John 21:22)

I don’t know about you, but I want to see God in everything I do, hear, and see. And we can, for He promised we would see Him if we keep ourselves pure of heart.

What does it really mean to see God? And will we truly see Him in all of His glory? Maybe some people will, but most of us will see Him in the tiniest details of our life where it seemingly does not count, but it is important to Him, and that makes Him a big God we can trust.

When our heart is pure, we will be able to go deep into God’s heart and see Him work great miracles in our lives that are hidden to others, but known to God. Like an iceberg made out of pure water, only IMG_2737revealing a small part on the surface, while the greatest part is hidden safely underneath the ocean, He will make you an unmovable and strong crystal chunk that gives Him glory, because you regard and love your God, and you will see Him at work in you.

I hear Jesus say:” Your part is to stay pure, My part is to reveal Myself to you in ways you will not be able to conceive. I have hidden treasure for you that will come to the surface as you keep yourself clean and spotless.” 








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