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Do You know And Understand The Power Of His Name?


This morning when I arrived at the gym I noticed a few women in a huddle. One of them came up to me and said:” We need to pray, Larry, (one of the men that trains at my gym), is seriously ill, we were talking to him a few minutes ago, and all of a sudden he lost his memory.”


I am a nurse but I only asked the normal questions in a situation like this; and I did not tell anybody I was a nurse.  I went on my way to the treadmill to exercise, but instead I turned around and said to the ladies:” I am a nurse, can I help.”  That instantly changed the situation and one of the ladies said;” Yes, you can, for Larry does not want us to call 911; he says he will be alright”. I immediately asked for a blood pressure kit at the gym location and told Larry I was a nurse and could I help him by taking his blood pressure. He agreed and sure enough it was very much higher than his base line had been in the past. I advised him to call the paramedics and he gave me his permission without hesitation. The paramedics came immediately and the rest of the story we will hear about later.


Normally Larry would not have gone to the hospital, but when he was confronted with the name “ nurse” he knew the authority that goes along with that name and he succumbed to treatment.


“The name of God (YHWH) is a tower of strength, the righteous run to it and is [thus] strengthened.”  Proverbs 18:10. I don’t know about you but I absolutely love that precious name of Jesus. Even the slightest whisper of His name can turn the most troublesome issue around for His glory. I sense that there are people reading this article and they have no idea where or to whom to turn any more.


Life can become a drag, a disappointment, but when you call on His name, mountains have to bow down, demons have to flee and the drug addict has to recover. It is the King of Kings and Lord of the Universe who stands behind that beautiful name. It does not matter if you scream His name out loud or whisper it softly: He will always come to the rescue, for that is the power behind the name. Oh don’t you just love Him?


Above we have a picture of broken pieces of a vessel. God came and by the power of His name He repaired the broken pieces and made a brand new vessel that is over flowing with the wine of His Joy. I hear Him say to you that each broken piece of your life can be restored to a whole and useful vessel overflowing with the wine of His Joy healing other broken vessels.