Have you ever had God turn something bitter and salty into a commodity of sweetness?

I have had God do this many times in my life and it always overwhelms me and brings me to a deeper place with Him.

The Bible talks about a river in Ezekiel 47 (Living Bible) that runs deeper and deeper as it progresses. As it goes deeper one finds lush trees along the banks. This river flows through the desert and the Dead Sea where normally nothing ever survives. However, this river even heals the Dead Sea and purifies it till all kinds of fish begin to live there. Fishermen will stand along the shores and pull out the “big ones,” and fruitful trees grow alongside the banks. The trees will never have their leaves fall off and will bear a new crop every month, which is earthly impossible. Their fruit will be for food and the leaves used for medicines. Did you know that your life can be a medication to the people around you?

There is one “hang up” though. When the river tries to go through the marshes and the swamps, it will not be able to heal the stale and salty waters.

But…I thought that wherever God’s Spirit-river flows, It would heal and restore?

The swamps and marshes are places that have cut themselves off from the river and exist all by themselves–closed off from the main river.

When we close ourselves off from His River, the very Life of God evaporates from us and we become spiritual zombies–marshes that are distasteful.

His Holy Spirit-river will penetrate into any area of our life that we surrender to Him. He will make it alive with “fish,” healing, and all kinds of new and exciting adventures you couldn’t have ever dreamed of.

Therefore, it is to our detriment to keep ourselves surrounded by the “swamps” and “marshes” of stale and tainted salty waters, distasteful to people that may try to drink from our supply.

There is no greater joy than to let go of our swamps and have Him gush His River through us to make us fruitful, content and flowing with Life.DSC00307

Here we have  a man who has found freedom in letting Gods’s river flow through him. He never ceases to worship Him for His goodness to him and his family. I hear Jesus say: “Let Me enter into the hidden places of your life and refresh and renew you with My living waters that will wash away the darkness of your life. My renewing Spirit will bear much fruit in the places you have isolated from Me. Give Me your “Dead Sea” and your swamps and let Me revive you now.”