Have you ever tried to remove stubborn weeds?

Some weeds remove easily; others are persistent in “hanging on to their rights.”

The other day I was determined to conquer some of the weeds in my yard; I pulled so hard that I fell backwards on my derriere. It is not funny to see a seventy-five-year-old lady sitting helplessly on her bottom. However, I scrambled back to my previous position and kept attempting to remove those weeds.

Sometimes it is easier to just remove the top of the weed in order to make the environment look better. And rightly so…it does look better…for a while, and then the weeds come back with a vengeance, twice as big as before.

Do you find that same idea happening in your life sometimes? You confess your shortcomings and attitudes and then, before you know it, you are plagued by the same nasty stuff again and again.

I used to be like that with my anger. I can bet there were few people around who struggled as deeply with anger as I did. Oh yes…my anger was nicely covered up when I was around people, but my temper and fierce anger towards some people kept rearing up its ugly face. Several times I would lay prostrate on the floor before Jesus asking Him for forgiveness. When I got up I felt free and joyful. Three days later, sometimes sooner, I would face the same giant of anger again. You can imagine how discouraged I became when I discovered that I was not free at all. I had hoped my anger was gone after asking forgiveness, but instead, it had come back with a vengeance.

You may be having the same dilemma only in a different area. Somehow it is hard for you to get on top of your difficulty, but I promise you, there is a way out. God wants to remove the root issue from you, not just the surface. In my case, my anger issue was based on unforgiveness towards my dad and I did not even realize it. Had you asked me if I had forgiven my dad, I would have said “yes.” I had forgiven with my head, but deep within my heart I would not let him “off the hook.” When I chose with my heart to take steps of forgiveness toward my father, my anger also had to go, for anger just could not stay in a clean “house.”

My friend, God wants to set you free from any addiction, stronghold or obsession. Ask Him to reveal the key. He is a kind and good God and wants to free you, so you can be an asset and not a hindrance to the kingdom.

He wants all the weeds in your garden removed. He is gentle and yet firm enough to go deep to the root issues of your life. You may have seen and heard things that were never meant for you, and the enemy holds them over your head to keep you in bondage. God wants to remove those memories and replace them with His love and freedom.

I hear Jesus say:” I am a gentle Father who loves you and wants you to be untangled from your bondage. Let me step into your pain and loosen your ensnarement. You can trust Me to be loving in this process, for I have already been where you have been and I know your pain. I love you. Step out in faith, come to Me and you will be amazed.”

weedsHere we have a picture of Jesus pulling out a useless tree with black roots. He is removing this tree and throwing it in the salty waters of the ocean, so the tree will never live again; the salt will kill it. In like manner God wants to pull out the roots of anger, bitterness and bondage and throw them in His sea of forgetfulness.



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